Codegarden first-timer? Here are some practical things to remember

Participating at Codegarden doesn't require you to bring a whole lot of stuff. And it is fairly simple to get to the venue from Copenhagen Airport or any other part of Denmark.

But we thought it would be nice if you had a Codegarden checklist to go through, based on the experiences from previous years. Some of the fantastic previous Codegarden participants even contributed when we asked on Twitter what they suggest you to bring. So, here's the list:


- A pair of good walking shoes, a battery pack to charge your phone. - Thank you @PoornimaNayar! Nothing more annoying than not being able to snap a great Codegarden moment because your phone battery just died 😱

- Have some sort of bag with you on the first day, to put your swag in. It's a pain carrying it around with you in your hand all day. - Thanks @CodeSharePaul! Indeed. With the Umbraco SWAG Shop open at the venue you for sure won't go home empty-handed.


- An open mind, a light heart, and a willingness to share your ideas and get to know new people! - not a practical thing as such, but very important. Thank you @precisioncoding ❤️

- Sunscreen and waterproof clothing. - Thanks  Danish weather is not to mess with indeed. It is also not too uncommon for a boat ride of sorts to happen... 🚢

- Alka-Seltzer. - Thank you , much appreciated! Much, much appreciated.



What else should be on that checklist? Browse through:


- An essential thing: having a place to stay. Did you book your hotel already? If not, you might want to do it right away. Many Codegardeners have already booked their rooms. This could be a great opportunity to know each other while eating breakfast. And while we're it, we've collected some good hotel deals for you.

- Check out for planning your trip to Odense. There's info on both trains and buses running in Denmark and it is pretty easy to navigate. They even got an English and German menu. Bitte.

- Are you a dedicated tourist? Here is a guide of places you can visit while in Odense. A ton of them. After all, it's the birthplace of H. C. Andersen (you'll notice plenty of his statues, there's even one just in front of our HQ).

- Passport. You will probably remember this one, but you know, how it is.

- Laptop (and laptop charger for that matter).

- A notebook and a pen (for making notes where it doesn't make sense to use a laptop or, you know, doodling during sessions).

- Phone charger and an outlet adapter if needed.

- Sunglasses (you might have seen some memes about the rainy Scandinavian weather, but the sun does visit us occasionally, and it can be rough, like, Viking rough).

- And while we're on the topic: here's a useful link for the Danish weather forecast.

- Toothbrush (the nr. 1 on the "things forgotten when traveling" list).

- Running shoes & sports clothing (if you want to join the Codegarden running club).

- A swimming suit (just some #cgrumours...).

- Taler du dansk? The most important thing: practice your Danish. Just kidding. Everyone speaks in English! But in case you're interested, check this link out for basic Danish phrases.



Are we missing something? Be sure to let us know on  😊