• Vigga Svensson

    Co-founder @VIGGA.us & @Continued
  • Jeppe Basse

    Founder @ Compent & co-founder @ Continued

Circular e-commerce - stay relevant, increase profit and create instant impact

The fashion industry is in deep trouble. Brands abuse scarce resources, they overproduce to create more consumption and growth, and have a huge credibility problem with consumers who require sustainable action. In others words: It is time for a new model.

At this talk we will show an example of circular ecommerce using the newly released white label platform Continued built with Umbraco as a major component. We will show the differences from a traditional ecommerce solution, which includes: How to build an infrastructure to circulate and track unique products with RFID chipping.

When individual product tracking is established, a wide range of options are available in using consumer data to understand and estimate the lifetime of a product – with this data foundation in place we can then look at the revenue models used when you don't have an end-sale, but make profit during the whole lifecycle of a product, hereby optimizing the utilization of the product and reducing the environmental impact by sharing instead of just producing more.


Target audience: Business

Level: Introductory


About the speakers: 

Vigga is an award-winning serial entrepreneur specialized in business models based on the circular economy. In 2014, she launched the world's first circular subscription service for children's clothes, VIGGA, along with her husband and in 2017, the couple took the vision of a smarter way to consume fashion one step further and founded Continued. Vigga is a popular speaker and is often invited to international conferences to share her experiences in circular consumer models. In 2015 she gave the TedxTalk: The day your baby’s wardrobe got better than yours.

Jeppe is the founder of the Umbraco gold partner agency Compent and co-founder and CTO of Continued. Jeppe's background is in .NET development going all the way back to Umbraco version 3 - Since 2009 he has been focusing on digital concept development.