• Filip Bech-Larsen

    Head of Technology and Innovation @ IMPACT
  • Mathias Pedersen

    Frontend Experience Specialist @ IMPACT

Content as a service with Umbraco Headless

Umbraco Headless introduces a new breed of developers to Umbraco: those who are not .net developers. Filip and Mathias will demonstrate this in practice. This presentation contains zero lines of C#.

This is a case study on how we build enterprise Single Page Applications for commerce on top of a large microservice architecture including Umbraco as the backbone for a content delivery microservice. In this context, Umbraco's backoffice becomes an essential tool for content editors to manage both content from within Umbraco and external content from other microservices.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate


About the speakers:

Filip is a Google Developer Expert (Web technologies) and the Head of Technology and Innovation at IMPACT, delivering large-scale commerce-products to well-known business and consumer brands.

Mathias is a Frontend Experience Specialist at IMPACT who combines his knowledge of frontend development with a background in UX/Design and Animation to focus on creating great experiences with our solutions both for the end user and the client.