• Emma Burstow

    .NET Developer @ PoweredByPie

Developing Talent

Starting out as a developer can indeed be daunting, but what of those of us who have experience but still find ourselves learning? There are few industries where things move so quickly that we are often finding ourselves in the role of learner as well as teacher.

In this talk, we will examine some of the ideas we take for granted, such as the myth that only natural talent can make a developer great at what they do. As someone who has worked as an educator as well as a developer, I aim to address some of the thinking that can hold us back in making the most of our talent and to provide insight into the ways we can make our teams more engaged, more productive and ultimately, happier.

A look at the benefits of mentoring, the value of community engagement and structured but positive reinforcement will mean that attendees from a range of backgrounds will come away with something they can implement the moment they are back in the office. This talk aims to answer questions even your most skilled developer might not know they need to ask.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate 


About the speaker:

Emma is a .NET developer with 3 good years of experience in both Umbraco and the .NET world. Herself, ‘raised’ by the Umbraco community, she feels passionate about creating pathways for new talent and nurturing environments for newcomers to the profession. Based in Surrey, Emma is a mother of two brilliant people and spends much of her time outside of work, writing about the tech world, reading murder mysteries and listening to very noisy music.