• Carole Rennie Logan

    Development Team Leader @ Equator

Empathy in Tech

This talk explores why empathy is an important attribute to value in tech from the perspective of how we treat each other in the workplace, online, at meetups, in code reviews and the recruitment process.
Within development communities, either workplace teams or larger tech communities, there are issues with how developers treat each other, often resulting in toxic environments. I will raise the question of how we could be contributing to that and unintentionally keeping people out of the industry and our community.

A theme running throughout the session is inclusion; if we want tech to be a more inclusive, diverse place we need to acknowledge there is a problem and have empathy for those who are underrepresented allowing their voice to be heard.


Target audience: General

Level: Introductory


About the speaker:

Carole is a team leader, developer & community meetup organiser. With an interest in web & IOT technologies, Carole has a passion for how we can use technology to solve real-life problems. As well as software development, she has a keen interest in the “people” side of tech, how can we make the industry a better place to work for everyone and ultimately build better products.