• Rutger Buijzen

    Managing Director @ DotControl

Going for... Gold! How to create an award-winning project

How to create an award-winning project? In this session, Rutger will tell the story of DotControl's Umbraco Journey that lead up to winning a Umbraco award and along the way share insights on how to make sure your next project has award-winning potential. Going for... Gold!


Target audience: General

Level: Introductory to intermediate


About the speaker:

Rutger is a lousy backend developer turned entrepreneur, trying very hard to get back into development again. Co-founder of digital agency DotControl and growth hacking agency RockBoost (as well as a growing list of failed start-ups). First came in to contact with Umbraco in 2011, still feeling regret I didn't push through then. Rutger doesn't like writing about himself in the 3rd person :)