• Jonas Carlson Almqvist

    Tech Lead @ Thomas Cook

How to power over 500+ local Umbraco sites without freaking out

Ever thought about using your mobile as a key to your hotel room? The Hotel and Destination in the charter industry are joining the Digital Transformation and turning away from paper and even keycards! Around 500+ microsites around the world are taking care of the customers of the Travel Industry-leader Thomas Cook (Ving/Spies). All powered by signups to events and add on sales, and operated by local hotels and destination staff which have high UX demands.

Join this talk to hear about the transformation from old school paper-hell to this massive information-feed which is keeping the customers not only happy but also well informed.


Target audience: Business

Level: Introductory


About the speaker:

For more than 20 years Jonas has worked with e-commerce within the travel industry. Now he heads the development team Digital in Destination at Thomas Cook that aims to digitize the resort and hotel services for customers traveling with companies within the Thomas Cook group. One of the latest assignments was to lead the work on implementing a way for customers to open the door with their smartphone when they arrive at their hotel room. Jonas is a member of the Innovation forum which looks at new technologies that can help the customer journey.

He lives in the Stockholm Archipelago together with his family and loves to spend time at sea visiting one of the thousands of islands if he is not taking pictures inside medieval churches or lecturing about 3D and VR. Jonas is indeed an avid photographer who published a book (10.000 copies sold) in 2005 with 360 images. The artistic side doesn't stop at photography, Jonas has also a history as singer/composer in an industrial band that had a video on MTV(and Swedish State TV/Radio) in the early 90s. Last but not least, Jonas won the 2nd place in the Swedish Championship foosball some years back.