• Adam Prendergast

    Technical Director @ McCann Manchester
  • Chris Callaghan

    UX and Optimisation Director @ McCann Manchester

Make [space] for Innovation

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

With an ever-accelerating development in consumer expectations and the possibilities afforded by emerging tech, businesses cannot afford to stand still. Chris and Adam will open the doors to McCann Manchester’s new innovation suite and will discuss some of the ways in which they’ve made space to innovate for their clients, not just physically, but also culturally and practically, introducing prototyping tools, of which Umbraco is one!

Case studies will include:

  • ChatBot powered by Umbraco
  • Augmented Reality experience powered by Umbraco
  • How we use Umbraco to prototype and innovate
  • Application of Design Thinking and Hack sessions


Target audience: Creative

Level: Introductory


About the speakers:

Adam and Chris head up the Development and UX teams at Umbraco Gold Partner, McCann Manchester.

Having worked with some of the most creative and forward-thinking agencies in the north of England, Adam has expertise in both backend and frontend technologies, and development processes - taking influence from Lean, Kanban and Agile and is currently working on the MRM//McCann LAB13 technology innovation project. Adam is also an Umbraco certified Master.

Chris is one of the few in the world to be UX and Usability certified by both NN/g and HFI, has 15 years’ experience in digital and a patent with the WIPO for an innovative online CGI rendering system.