• Trine Falbe

    Owner @ Falbe UX Consult

Making better products with White Hat UX

You may be familiar with the term “the experience is the product”. If you’re building a product, you’re building an experience.

The importance of digital projects is rising, e-commerce is growing, and the battle for the online market is intensifying. With it, follows an increased motivation to cheat and the methods to do so get more sophisticated by the minute.

This is where Black Hat UX happens. UX with evil intent.

Black Hat UX is not just the designer’s fault. Or the developer’s. Or management’s. It’s a shared responsibility.

In the end, you get better results if you design good, fun, exciting, lovely, interesting and real user experiences. White Hat User experiences.

White Hat UX is a powerful competitive advantage. It also makes for a good business case when done right.

In this talk, Trine will explain what we can all do to improve the experience of the products we build, regardless of our role.


Target audience: Creative, Business.

Level: Introductory


About the speaker:

Trine is a consultant, speaker and lecturer focused on empowering people through ethical design. She is the author of the book White Hat UX.

She is deeply committed to working truly human-centered and building honest, transparent experiences.