• Katie Archibald

    Project Team Lead @ Cogworks
  • Graeme Smillie

    Head of Creative and Digital @ Smith & Williamson
  • Adam Shallcross

    CTO and Founder @ Cogworks

Migrating to Umbraco: 2 sites, 4500 pages & 1 tight deadline

Smith & Williamson, a UK based financial services firm, had a website challenge.

Following a difficult implementation of a well-known enterprise CMS, they were left with 2 choices: Either spend a significant amount of money fixing what should have been working in the first place whilst upgrading to the latest version…or cut their losses and find an alternative solution!

They chose option 2 - A wise decision!

Katie, Graeme, and Adam will take you through the full project journey from planning to delivery and how they succeeded in migrating 2 sites with over 4500 pages to Umbraco in just 12 weeks.


Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate


About the speakers

Katie is a Digital Project Manager and Team Lead at Cogworks. She started off using Umbraco as a content editor in 2014 and is an active member of the community, speaking at events, contributing to 24 days in Umbraco, and co-organising the Umbraco UK Festival.

Graeme is a creative, strategic, data-driven, CIM qualified marketer with 17+ years' experience in both commercial (B2B), and consumer (B2C), branding and digital marketing. Graeme has worked in professional services marketing for most of his career and currently leads the creative, digital and events team for Smith & Williamson, a UK based financial services firm.

Adam has been in the web world since 1997. His early career was spent honing his project management and front-end dev skills, founding Cogworks in 2006. He took the decision to specialise in Umbraco in 2008, became the first UK Umbraco partner agency, then one of the first 3 Gold partners. Adam was the creator of the global Umbraco Festival movement, starting the Umbraco UK Festival in 2009.