• Deane Barker

    Founder/ Partner @ Blend Interactive
  • Lennard Fonteijn

    Umbraco Tech Lead @ Arlanet – Digital Engineers

The Promise and Peril of Editorial Scripting

How much self-determination do editors need?  We have developers on one side and editors on another, but is there room for another model of development, or another "level" of developer? 

In this session, Deane Barker will discuss the idea of editorial scripting in general, explain use cases for when it might be valuable. Lennard Fonteijn will then demonstrate a prototype of this engine running in Umbraco, and show how it can allow editors more control over site functionality.


Target audience: Developers, Creative.

Level: Intermediate


About the speakers:

Deane is Director of Business Development and a founding partner at Blend Interactive. He has been working in web content management since the mid-90s – before the discipline even had a name. Since then, Deane has become a leading voice in content management — to the point that he wrote the book about it. From here, it’s on to the future: breaking ground in distributed content management; teaching the practice; reading — always reading.

Lennard is a passionate developer with over a decade of experience in building websites, games and other software. He has been working with Umbraco since version 4.0, is an Ucommerce MVP and teaches students how to be a Software Engineer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In his spare-time, he enjoys a game or two, maybe three.