• Morten Christensen

    Azure Hero @ Umbraco HQ

Using Headless to sell Tacos

Headless Umbraco is the latest Cloud Offering from Umbraco HQ and it has a wide range of applications beyond "just" websites. In this talk we will explore the features available and take a tour from the Umbraco Backoffice via the API to Taco sold through an App, displayed in a Kiosk and on a SPA website.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate


About the speaker

Morten works at Umbraco HQ where he helps build Umbraco Cloud and the Headless Cloud offering. Morten is also an Azure MVP, Azure Lover and community addict. He lives in Copenhagen where he helps organize meetups and other community events. When he is not working on Azure or doing Community events you can find him either learning about the newest things in Azure or building/buying LEGO sets (there should probably have been a "LEGO addict" part somewhere in this profile as well - according to his bank account statements).