• Anca Bundaru

    Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Bitdefender

Why privacy is the most important service you can sell in 2019

Welcome. It’s 2019 and no matter what products or services you offer, what market you’re in, you’re in the privacy game. Privacy is at least as important as a feature or UX or you name it!

What does this mean for you? How are you preparing for the coming privacy revolt? It means that simple legal disclosures aren’t enough to build trust. Maybe you need to offer customers appropriate value in exchange for their data. Maybe it’s time to incorporate fairness into your products and business models from the start. Let’s see how you can make privacy a competitive advantage.


Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate


About the speaker:

Anca Bundaru owns Product Marketing at Bitdefender. Her job is to demonstrate how Bitdefender’s products solve the world's security, making the customer the priority, and ultimately, letting technology speak for itself. Before joining Bitdefender, 5 years ago, she had 8 years of full-time experience in communication & marketing. She also led the most awarded digital campaign in Romania back in 2011. She keeps close to the entrepreneurial culture and she likes to immerse herself in innovation ecosystems.

Anca has been mentoring at events like Startup Weekend Bucharest, Global Legal Hackathon Romania or Startup Weekend Cluj.