• Damiaan Peeters

    Owner @ Umbrace

You don't know GIT

This talk will give an overview of the most important git commands. Also, expect explanations for merge, squash, fix-up, interactive rebase, reset, reflog, gc and submodule. And more important when to use them.

You will learn about how you can organize your work with git-flow and GitHub-flow.

And finally, we'll dive into what to do and what to avoid when making contributions to your favorite open source project: Umbraco.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate


About the speaker:

Damiaan Peeters is the owner of Umbrace, a Belgian Umbraco-only house that has been using Umbraco since 2009, and developing websites for more than 10 years.

Damiaan believes in the power of paying it forward and being a good person; he's an SEO lover and magician in his (spare) time.