• Tiffany Prosser

    Web Management Officer @ Leicester City Council

Accessibility is for everyone

This talk will cover examples of sites with poor accessibility and good accessibility as well as delving into methods for checking accessibility and the range of techniques that can be used to build accessible sites from the ground up.

Audience members will listen about how accessibility shouldn't be a chore considered only as an afterthought - but instead will learn about why it is important to be built into both web development and web design from the outset.

As a consequence, attendees will gain a wider appreciation of accessibility as a key concept within web development that sits alongside usability as critical components of a strong functional site and that all those responsible in the site building process, from developers through to editors need to understand what accessibility means, why it is important and why it will improve their skills as the engineers of modern websites.

Finally, we will touch on the importance of accessibility within the web community and how an understanding of accessibility and why it matters can enable site creators to better appreciate and engage with their users.


Target audience: Creative

Level: Introductory


About the speaker:

Tiffany was introduced to Umbraco 3 years ago when she began working as a Web Architect for Leicester City Council.

Since then Tiffany attended her first Codegarden in 2018, written for 24days.in and profiled on Community Corner.