Attendee's Guide

When? Where? How? What? 🤔 We've collected all the things you need to know in order to make sure you get to Codegarden safely and don't miss a thing while you're here:

When and where is Codegarden?

To help you find the various Codegarden-related places, we have created a Google Map. 

22-24th of May

Codegarden venue. The conference is held at DOKK5000, Havnegade 20, 5000 Odense, Denmark. If you've arranged accommodation in Odense city centre, the venue is only a short (1-2km) walk from there.  

21st of May

The Codegarden pre-party, is held on May 21st at Umbraco HQ, Haubergsvej 1, 5000 Odense, Denmark. A short walk from Odense city centre. Everyone going to Codegarden is welcome! 🕺

The Umbraco Gold Partner summit is taking place on 21st of May and hosted at Fynsk Erhverv, Albani Torv 4, 5000 Odense (Gold Partners only).

The Gold Partner Academy is taking place on the 21st of May at UCL Erhversakademi og Professionshøjskole, Seebladsgade 1, 5000 Odense (Gold Partners only).

How do I get to Codegarden and where should I stay?

Looking for tips on how to get to Odense or places to stay (with a friendly discount)? Have a look at our dedicated Travel and Stay page.


When do I need to show up?

21st of May 2019: The Codegarden pre-party takes place on Tuesday evening from 19:30 - 22:30 (drinks only).

22nd of May 2019: Codegarden starts! Registration from 08.00 - 09.15 (details on how to register is described below). Keynote starts at 09.30 on the main stage.  

23rd of May 2019: Codegarden day 2. Doors open at 08.00. Make sure you wear your Codegarden name-badge and you'll slide through registration. Talks start at 09.00. 

24th of May 2019: Codegarden day 3. Doors open at 08.00 and the "energy-bar" is ready at 09.00. Keynote starts at 09.30 on the main stage. 

When do the days end? That's up to you. But please be aware that each evening we have special socialising events planned - events you don't want to miss! Great for networking, meeting other Umbraco enthusiast from around the work and perhaps experiencing something you didn't expect from a tech-conference... 

It's my first time at Codegarden, what do I need to know?

Apart from all the things listed on this page, there are also a few special things to be aware of if Codegarden 2019 is your very first Codegarden experience.

First of all - we can't wait to see you 😄! And to make sure you get the best possible start to your Codegardene experience, we've got two initiatives that we highly recommend you participate in:

- The First-timers session. This session takes place on the 22nd of May at 08.30, thus, before the main program starts. At this session, we've invited seasoned, and super friendly Codegardeners who tell you about their experience and give you helpful tips and trick to ensure you get the most out of Codegarden. 

- After the keynote on the 22nd of May, the uBuddy matching will take place at 11.00 at The Barn. This is basically your chance to partner up with a seasoned Codegaredener who you are able to reach out to with whatever questions you might have throughout the 3-day conference. It's a friendly, familiar face in the crowd - maybe you'll meet up regularly, maybe you'll just join for a cup of coffee in the mornings, maybe you'll just end up tweeting each other. We'll leave for you and your new uBuddy to decide. No need to sign-up for this anywhere, simply just show up for the matching session and get yourself a Codegarden buddy.   

When are the talks?

Find all the timings of the conference and all the talks on the Codegarden schedule.

How do I register/check-in?

You don’t have a physical ticket, so don’t go look for it. If you've made sure to assign your Codegarden ticket(s) before the deadline of the 1st of May, a name-badge will be waiting for you at the Codegarden venue (if not, we'll find a solution when you get here).

How to check-in:

- When you arrive on day 1 at the Codegarden venue, all check-in tables are categorized into alphabetical order based on your first name. Check-in starts at 08.00 and closes at 09.20

- When you arrive, remember your name (😉) and then look for the correct table.

- At the check-in table, you’ll be met by a friendly HQ’er who’ll register you and hand you your badge

- That's it! But don't forget to grab your free, stunning Codegarden 2019 t-shirt 👕

Pro-tip: there are no seat reservations, so make sure you check-in in good time so you can grab one of the best seats for the big keynote by the founder of Umbraco, Niels Hartvig at 09.30.

Is there a venue map?

Yes. You find it right here

How do I best keep myself updated on Codegarden news?

Make sure you follow @codegarden on Twitter! If you don’t have a twitter account you are still able to see the posts. Throughout Codegarden, this is where we'll share details about the social event, schedule changes (if any), food announcements etc. And if you've got a question, tag or write a PM to @codegarden and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

We also recommend that you follow @umbraco on Instagram and why not also give Codegarden Facebook and Umbraco Facebook a follow while you're at it? 👍

Can I buy Umbraco swag at Codegarden?

Yes! Codegarden is where you get all your exclusive Umbraco swag - t-shirts, hoodies etc. You can pay with cash or with a credit card.

How do I sign-up for CgRunners, Yoga or Mindful sessions?

You simply show up. That's it 🤷 and everyone is welcome at all these sessions!

Find more info about the CgRunners , Yoga and Mindful sessions. 

Can I park my car at the Codegarden venue?

Yes. There'll be a number of dedicated parking spots for Codegarden attendees - keep an eye out for the Codegarden "P" signs when you arrive. Spots are limited though, so if you're able to leave your car somewhere else in the city (or at home), we highly recommend that. 

What should I not forget to pack?

We have no doubt that you are completely capable of packing your own suitcase. So don't worry, we won't give you advice on how many socks to pack - we will, however, give you a few tips on other stuff you might not have thought of, or may have your doubts about whether they're necessary to bring or not.

The list has been put together by the help of previous Codegarden attendees, so you're sure to get quality advice on what to bring.

What can I do in Odense while I'm here?

To help you with tips on how to spend your spare time in Odense before, during or after Codegarden, we have gathered 4 tips on what to do in Odense.

If you're looking for recommendations on where to go for a nice meal or a drink, please have a look at the Codegarden Google map below. On here we're gathered some of our favorite places in Odense: