Codegarden for first-timers

Previous years, we have helped prepare first-timers with a blog post summing up all the happenings of Codegarden (Codegarden 2018. First-timer’s manual). This year we want to add another layer in order to make sure you feel super-prepared for what the 3-day Umbraco conference withholds.

So before the first key-note speak by the founder of Umbraco, Niels Hartvig, is held, we invite all first-timers to the “Codegarden for first-timers” session.

This is a 45-minute session on day 1 that will sum up the practicalities as well as the stories and the history of Umbraco and Codegarden. It’s basically a Codegarden crash-course. And we have already booked the very best to host this session:


Photo credit: Doug Robar 


Carole Rennie Logan  

Carole is an active Umbraco community member who will share her stories from her first Codegarden experience as well as the work she does around growing the Umbraco community. Carole will be attending as a CG19 speaker as well with her talk Empathy in Tech.


Doug Robar 

After hanging up his UmbracoMan™ cape back in December of 2018 to become a full-time professional photographer, Doug is back this year at Codegarden 2019 to share his Umbraco stories from the last decade. As you’ll find out, it’s not for nothing he’s called UmbracoMan!