uBuddy Matching

Will Codegarden 2019 be your first ever Codegarden? You are in luck!

A wonderful group of Umbracians has volunteered to help this year's first-timers, by taking part in the uBuddy program. 

If you are new to Codegarden and would like to get a uBuddy, please be at the match-making session on day 1 of Codegarden, Wednesday 22nd of May at 11:00 at The Barn stage.

At the session, you will be assigned a friendly uBuddy together with 3-4 other first-timers (a great way to meet new people as well) and together you’ll figure out how best to support each other during the 3 day conference - maybe you’ll meet up each morning for a quick coffee, maybe you’ll meet several times a day - you’ll agree on this together.

Have a look at all the amazing Umbracians who have joined the uBuddy initiative, and who are more than happy to give of their time to make the first-timers' experience an unforgettable one!