• Lars-Erik Aabech

    .NET developer @ MarkedsPartner

Automated Testing with Umbraco

Automated testing has become standard in the software business. Continuous Deployment is not possible without some means of verifying the software being deployed. Yet many developers, if not most, skimp on or completely skip testing for every excuse available. The main excuse is time. "We don't have time!"

In this talk, we'll go through some history of automated testing, the benefits, the tooling, and how to get it done in the same or shorter time as we would when not testing. We'll look at some hinders and possible time-consuming practices to avoid. We'll also see how it all relates to Umbraco 7 and 8 and what tools we have to get the job done.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate 


About the speaker:

Lars-Erik has been working with professional web development since the previous century. He started experimenting with automated tests late last decade and have accumulated a lot of experience with the different tools and techniques. Since working with Umbraco from 2012 he has contributed several improvements to the core and its tests. He’s written several blog posts and tools to help others unit-test Umbraco properly. For his contributions, Lars-Erik has been awarded the Umbraco MVP title three times.