• Jeffrey Schoemaker

    Software Engineer & Co-owner @ Perplex Digital

I have a dream about Umbraco 8.x

It’s hard to imagine what the future will bring, but why not give it a try... Umbraco 4 was good, Umbraco 7 was great, and Umbraco 8 even greater. But that is not the end!

In this session, we will look at which parts of Umbraco could get some love in the future, but all from an end-user and marketing perspective. How does the tooling of the future look like? How could Umbraco 8.x, 8.y and 8.z look?

Expect a lot of inspiration, visual mock-ups, and sharing of my thoughts about how the future can look!


Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate


About the speaker:

Jeffrey has been working with Umbraco for almost 10 years now. He is a software engineer with a special interest in security, accessibility, and UX.

While his company Perplex started making small and simple websites, they nowadays build big (enterprise) platforms and websites with highly optimized and customized Umbraco installations.

These installations always inspire him to take specific implementations back to Umbraco. Jeffrey blogged about his dreams and sometimes even nightmares! "I have a dream about user-management"  and I Have a Nightmare Dream About Umbraco and GDPR.