• Owain Williams

    Technical Developer @ LEWIS
  • Chriztian Steinmeier

    Frontend Developer @ Vokseværk

Imposters in the Cloud

Have you ever launched a website but not had the courage to tell the world? Have you worried that people would judge your work because you hadn't used the latest framework? Or have you struggled with a seemingly 'simple' task? Come join The Imposters' Club and we'll talk you through some Umbraco Cloud projects we've worked on, some of the fears we've had and how we solved them.


Target audience: Technical, Creative

Level: Intermediate


About the speakers:
Owain is a Technical Developer at Scotland's first Umbraco Gold Partner - LEWIS. He is the founder of the Edinburgh Umbraco Users' Group and decided to join LEWIS to allow him to get more hands-on with Umbraco. In his spare time, Owain enjoys running, introducing new individuals to the Umbraco Community via his blog and make contributions to Umbraco CMS. He was awarded an Umbraco MVP in 2018.
Chriztian is a Frontend Developer at Vokseværk in Denmark - he’s two-time Umbraco MVP and spent most of his teens practicing guitar and coding BASIC and Assembler on his ZX Spectrum 48K. He has years of experience using Umbraco, HTML + related technologies and a teaching degree (in music) - which means he won’t lose his temper when asked for the umpteenth time to explain why "XSLT can’t count from 1 to 10 without using recursion".