Buy Codegarden 2019 Gold Partner Bundle

What is the Gold Partner Bundle?

It is a special Codegarden 2019 ticket offer to all our current Gold Partners.

Gold Partner Bundle price: €1400

Gold Partner Bundle gives you:

- 2 full Codegarden Tickets

- 1 seat at the Gold Partner Summit (the summit takes place on May 21st, just before Codegarden in Odense)

- 1 Codegarden Business track - 1-day ticket (more business-focused sessions are running on May 22nd, the first day of Codegarden)


Bonus! By booking the bundle, you're also able to purchase extra Codegarden 1-day (the first day) tickets for €175 and extra 3-day (full conference) tickets for just €500.


You can book your Gold Partner Bundle entering your details in the form below. 

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